Technology Research Paper Ideas: 10 Hot Questions to Cover

Developing new technology research paper ideas can be difficult for students. On first glimpse it feels as though all topics worthy of discussion have already been taken, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of excellent topics to base your research paper on. All it takes is a little brainstorming and patience to arrive to a solid list. We’ve put this list together for your consideration and to help inspire some ideas of your own:

  1. How do social media, the use of cell phones, texting and the internet bring the world closer? Have these technologies solved problems or created more?
  2. Do you believe that children today (those under 12 years old) are growing up in a significantly different world than college aged students (18 – 22 years old)? What do think are the major differences?
  3. Consider the ways in which we interact with other humans and how this affects the ways in which we interact with machines such as the computer or cell phone? Is this positive or negative?
  4. Technology advances so rapidly that sometimes new software or hardware is introduced with several glitches that can sometimes have terrible outcomes or can be hacked easily. Are we moving too fast for our own good?
  5. When do you think it is morally or ethically wrong to genetically modify a child? What are the positive uses of this technology? What are the negative uses?
  6. What do you believe is the most important new technology when it comes to solving the world’s greatest problems? Do you believe that with enough support governments or societies will use these technologies?
  7. What are some of the ways you see people using technology to positively change the world? Is there any opposition to these views and what would it take to change those opinions?
  8. What are the positive and negative long-term effects for humans living in the current technological world? Are we aware of these effects or are they largely ignored by people today?
  9. Do you believe that countries like North Korea or China will continue to monitor or limit their citizens’ use of the internet? If so, what do you foresee could be the outcome from the public?
  10. How is the global economy affected by the continual development of technological globalization? Are there positive or negative implications that haven’t yet been explored? - best service for institution-friendly paper writing

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