5 Great Tips on How to Find a Trusted Research Paper Writing Service

If you want to order a custom research paper, you probably would like a professional and reputable service to work on it. Use the tips below to pick a reliable company among lots of those advertising on the Web.

  1. Use recommendations.
  2. Ask your friends whether they know any good research paper writing services. Browse student forums and social network groups for writing websites recommended. If you look for a writing service directly, through a search engine, Google the name of the website you are considering. This way you will be able to see whether it is on any scammer lists.

  3. Compare prices.
  4. Quality research writing has its price, under which no reliable company can get. Look into the price section of any website you visit. Write out all prices onto a separate sheet or into a file. When you have a list of a dozen prices, you will have a clear idea of how much your paper is worth to complete. Cross out the websites whose prices are too high or too low. Trustworthy firms would set their prices around average and explain any deviations. For example, they might be charging a bit higher because their writers are native English speakers.

  5. Check guarantees.
  6. Every writing website seems to have anti-plagiarism and customer satisfaction guarantees on its main page these days, so their absence is a warning signal. However, the guarantee banners are not worth anything if they are not supported by respective points in the user agreement text. Read the website’s terms of use carefully before accepting them. There should be a clear notion that the website will return your money if plagiarism is detected in your paper or if the paper receives less than a certain grade. Also, look for a point about unlimited free revisions.

  7. Find out your writer’s credentials.
  8. What matters is not only the website’s reputation but that of your writer as well. Before you place an order, ask whether they have any writers who specialize in the field of your research paper. Next, ask about a writer’s working record with this company, average mark, late and reassignment rates.

  9. Avoid websites that offer both custom and pre-written papers.
  10. A reputable writing service would only sell papers written from scratch. If a website trades in both kinds of papers, it can mean they are taking money from a client for delivering a custom paper and then add this paper to their database to sell it again as a pre-written one.

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