Picking Up Good Topics For A 5-Page Research Paper: 15 Great Examples

Academic papers that are five pages long have a strict method and format, which when not followed can lead to the writer not realizing the actual purpose of the project. The considerations that you need to make are manifold. But you must first be decided about the topic that you want to choose.

If you are given free reins over the choice of the academic topic, things can get a little addled. Here are fifteen great examples of topic examples for a 5-page paper.

  1. Health and work: should employees be allowed to do exercise/yoga while working?
  2. Blame the wheel: do even otherwise patient people become impatient speedsters when on the wheel?
  3. The difference between shyness and social anxiety: does the society belong to anxiety?
  4. The spiritual training, mentality and circumstances of a suicide bomber
  5. Are oil companies playing fair and are we the ones paying the bills?
  6. Is there at all anything called good terrorism?
  7. Why is there still a gender-wage gap in the United States?
  8. Is it feasible to decide a minimum wage or salary that a person should earn?
  9. Should families of airplane accident victims be entitled to compensation?
  10. Are Americans working more only to reduce productivity over an extended period?
  11. Do laws against bullying need revisions/amendments?
  12. Is it the moral responsibility of big shoe companies to give away free shoes to high school athletes?
  13. Is it right for parents to censor school textbooks for their children?
  14. Should human organ sales ever be legalized?
  15. How responsible are parents when their children break laws?

More examples

While the above 15 examples present a wide variety of topics, you are always encouraged to research a few more topics before taking the final call over the choice of topic. For a hint, this online resource can lead you to a website with valuable hints on shaping the title of your first 5-page essay. There are also more examples on titles that you may find here.

Other considerations

You must be able to take some other considerations into account before settling with the title for your essay. Make sure that the title pertains to the subject on which you are writing. If it is a legal paper, there is no point in finalizing a topic one education. It is also important to see if the title is apt for a paper that would last only 5 pages. You must be able to develop an abstract, at least two chapters and a conclusion for the paper.

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