A List of Brilliant Economic Term Paper Topic Ideas on Nursing

Health care has been a hot topic in the news for several years. In addition to changing coverage, many media sites have discussed the shortage of nurses and health care professionals in the United States. Students who need to write an economic term paper about nursing can find a number of options just by flipping on their television. For additional ideas, students can use the following list of economic nursing topics to get started.

Economic Papers on Nursing

  1. What is the relationship between nursing, health care and economics?
  2. How old do researchers believe that children born today will live? Currently, algorithms and software programs can actually estimate a different life expectancy based on other factors. If the child's parents are insured, the child may live longer. Likewise, regular medical care, vaccinations, health care costs and the availability of medicare can all affect someone's life expectancy.
  3. The pharmaceutical industry has received a lot of negative press over the last few decades. According to some, the pharmaceutical industry overcharges customers and chooses not to produce life-saving drugs based on cost. How true are these charges? Is it fair to expect a for-profit corporation to act for any reason other than seeking a profit?
  4. In nations like the United Kingdom and Canada, a single-payer system is used to cover health care for every citizen. How does this effect the quality of an individual's health care and their pocketbook? Does a single-payer system reduce the number of bankruptcies from medical expenses? What are some of the economic benefits and drawbacks of using a single-payer system?
  5. If the government were to take over the health care industry in the United States, how would this effect consumers? Would a non-profit health care system be a better alternative to the current health care programs?
  6. Since the advent of the Affordable Care Act, has health care in the United States become more expensive or less individual for the private consumer?
  7. There are some that would argue that world health is important for any nation's health. In the Ebola crisis, first-world nations worried about the possibility of a patient flying out of Africa and infecting other nations. The original lack of resources in Ebola-affected countries is one of the reasons that the disease spread so quickly. Are examples like this one a reason to work toward getting better health care for everyone in the world?
  8. In poor nations, people often die from diseases that could easily be prevented. Although organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation work to deal with malaria and HIV, the amount of money spent preventing these diseases is not enough. How could the World Health Organization become more effective at treating patients in need?

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