Simple Topic Suggestions For Writing A Qualitative Research Paper In Arts History

Arts history is a broad subject and the concerned student can not miss to find a good interesting topic to do a qualitative research paper on. Like in any other type of writing finding a topic is the most overwhelming phase that a student can face. Just like you understand there are some basic procedures that a student can use to come up with an interesting topic to research about. In order to find a good topic for your research paper please follow the below simple guidelines.

  1. Do some research on the broad subject
  2. Before you can even choose your preferred topic of research, you need to learn and understand the various sub-categories available under the main subject. In our case we will have to research more about arts history. Arts history includes paintings, writings, crafting, and weavings and many more. In this case, you need to choose one that interests you and will be easy to work on.

  3. Create a research topic of your choice
  4. Qualitative research involves conducting a thorough research of the particular subject in context. For good decision making when picking a topic, I would suggest you search for relevant research topics previously done by other people. When you look at other people research topics you widen your mind and you will able to make decisions and pick a favorable topic. You should create a number of topics and list them down in their priority order.

  5. Eliminate the topics to the preferred one topic
  6. Having a list of topics to choose from gives you the advantage. Do some little research on the various topics on your list to find out the availability of information about them. Then eliminate until you remain with the most preferred topic that you’ll base your research on.

This is always the procedure a student uses when trying to find a topic to research on. It is quite a tedious task and requires a lot of time and energy to come up with a very good topic. Having access to internet can be very resourceful to a student as it broadens the field of conducting research and provides more options. As a student in arts history and engaging in qualitative research, there are plenty of topics for you to choose from. Use this site in case you need help on getting research topics.

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