Making Footnotes In A Research Paper: Helpful Guidelines

Footnotes are helpful for citing references or some supplementary information over a specific text. If you want to put in some interesting fact in a part of your research paper and you cannot add it directly in the paragraph, then make a footnote mark in the paragraph and add the comment with the footnote symbol on the page below. Mostly the research scholars from the fields of humanities add footnotes in their thesis papers. But the science scholars also use it often for reference.

Importance of footnotes

Footnotes are one of the useful ways to put in extra ideas in reference to some text. In the field of academics, it possesses an important role. While using footnotes, you must know where to put it. Now the question comes when you should use them? The scholars, mainly use them while presenting their papers in front of everyone to give some boost in the presentation. So that everyone can understand the matter better.

Some tips to add footnotes in your research paper

  • Before adding footnotes, try to make a list of references. Write a bibliography before placing the footnotes into your research work.
  • Always try to add footnotes at the end of the sentence. If you are working on a computer, go to the Reference tab, and select to add footnotes.
  • While placing in-text citations, the name of the author, name of the series, edition, etc. should be included.
  • You can use an online link as your footnote in your paper. But the writer of the destination website, the web link and the date should be mentioned.
  • Try to use references in such a way that the readers can believe your ideas firmly.
  • Put your ideas forward to the readers with the help of the footnotes making it more comprehensible and less confused.
  • Always make it short in nature, but it should be informative. Long described footnotes prevent the readers from concentrating on the main purpose of your work.
  • Always recheck your added footnotes. Maintain the connection between the main works with them.
  • Make a quick and easy way to put a quotation in your research paper.
  • Add space in between the main paragraph and the footnote symbol, so that it can be visible to the readers easily.

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