Where To Look For Free Samples Of Research Papers: Basic Guidelines

The tradition of academic inquiry is a longstanding one and various aspects of it have changed in nature over time. Where once it was common for a master in a field to take on a single apprentice and teach him for years, even knowledge is given out to the masses. To make your work stand out among the millions of other qualified students, you would be wise to collect samples of the types of work you think you should emulate. This rings true especially when it comes to research papers. Here are some places you can start your search:

Other students

By asking your friends to loan you copies of the research they have undertaken over the years you can amass a fair sized batch of papers that are of reasonable quality at no cost to yourself. This is extremely useful if you find yourself with many acquaintances but very little money to invest in educational products. If you still need to give something in exchange, try bartering other bits of knowledge. You may even gain a research paper in exchange for lunch or a ride to a party. Such things are not unheard of.


The library was once the premier source of free information but it has become less frequently used due to the proliferation of online resources. Still the internet does not yet contain every piece of knowledge ever created and you may be able to gain from taking a trip to your local library or the campus library. The staff can direct you to writing resources that meet your needs including sample research papers.

The internet

As mentioned, this is still one of the most impressive sources you can encounter, particularly because it encompasses several sources at once. Through a simple web search you can access the free sample section of a paid site and read through research papers compiled by paid professionals. You could also find content on academic databases that you only get free access to because your college paid on your behalf. There may also be random PDF files that contain entire projects that happened to be submitted and uploaded. Whatever the reason that such resources make their way to you, you will be able to benefit.

Your writing style and your understanding of the research process improve with repeated exposure to it. Take heart that you are only a few steps away from being a better researcher.

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