What Is the Secret to Writing a Strong IB Biology Extended Essay?

Extended essays are self-directed pieces of research. A normal paper contains about 4,000 words. Students often have trouble writing these assignments, which should provide practical approach for solving a certain problem. If you are a student of an IB program majoring in biology, you may use an extended essay as an opportunity to engage in a deep study of your topic of interest. There is no silver bullet but several small secrets will help you write a strong IB biology extended essay effortlessly:

  • Understand your assignment and then start working on it.
  • Many students believe that they will understand everything while they are writing their papers. However, it is hardly possible to compose a solid extended essay in biology if you do not know how to do such kind of assignments. Therefore, never start an extended essay without studying the guide or manual provided by your supervisor first.

  • Stick to your subject area and choose the research topic carefully.
  • Biology offers endless opportunities for research. You should select your subject area and then look for a topic within this subject area. It does not work out when you decide on your topic first, and then try to fit it into that study area.

  • Keep in mind that a solid research is a vital part of a strong extended essay.
  • You should formulate an interesting study question, use your personal experience in a topic’s exploration, communicate your ideas efficiently, and develop a strong argumentation.

  • Use your important skills.
  • When you prepare an extended essay, you should use your analytical, critical-reading, and writing skills. It is not easy to conduct a comprehensive research that will impress your supervisor, but you should at least demonstrate your willingness to do so.

  • Remember that an extended essay in biology requires doing an experiment.
  • You should do an experiment, describe its results, and outline your main findings. Therefore, it is important to plan your own experiment, make everything in a proper way, and then take your time to do the writing.

  • Try to do a background work in advance.
  • This assignment is a long-tern one. However, you should start working on it as soon as you can. After you come up with a topic idea and get it approved, you should start planning your experiment and study scholarly articles and books. Critical reading takes lots of time, therefore read carefully, take notes, and write the titles of literature down. If you type your notes, you may cite the sources while you write.

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