Looking for a Good Research Paper Example in the MLA Format

Formatting the paper is what beginner writers tend to spend the least attention to. Some don’t even realize how many details there are in formatting a one-page essay, let alone a whole research paper. Contrary to quite a popular opinion, citation styles, such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago and some others do not regulate only how you present a quote or form the works cited page. It will tell you everything related to how your paper looks like from font size and margins to the usage of capital letters. Developed through years, MLA guides have dozens of requirements that are obligatory to follow.

How do I learn to use MLA style?

  1. Learn on your mistakes. It is by far not the best option, but somehow very popular among the students. They receive a bad grade because of wrong formatting and make sure to use it correctly for the next time. If you want to get it right from the beginning, this method is not for you.
  2. Ask your professor for a guide. Though MLA style is pretty unified, different professors may use different editions or sources. When receiving an assignment, ask which one is preferable and where you might find it. Study it carefully.
  3. Look for an example. This is the best choice to see how all those dozens of rules apply in a real paper. Make sure you have a quality example though.

Example of your paper in MLA: saving time.

If you are lucky enough to find an example of the same paper type on the same subject and in the same formatting style you need, you can consider half of your work already done. First of all, you will definitely find some interesting ideas on what to write next and will never get stuck in your paper. Second, you will know for sure what is expected from you to include in the paper and what parts of the paper are a must. Third, a correctly formatted example will guide through the numerous details of the MLA style.

Where do I find a good example?

Internet is packed up with sample papers on all the variety of subjects. For really reliable ones you might want to visit the university databases and official websites of educational institutions. Websites that advertise their academic assistance services with a help of sample papers also contain good examples – they need to publish reliable papers to assure the customers of the quality of their work.

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