How To Develop And Narrow Term Paper Topics: Simple Advice

It’s that time of year again and you have been assigned to do a term paper for one of your classes and you don’t know what your topic is going to be. Since you are going to be writing a term paper, you want to go back a look over all of the information that you went over during your class. Do you see any topics that interested you? Was there one topic that you want to know more about? Ask yourself these questions and then write down the topics that come to mind.

Now you want to take that list and narrow down your topic. Start doing some research and see what you can gather on each topic. Once you have that information then you should be able to see which topic will be the best for your topic. Do all of the research on that topic that you picked to do your term paper on. Since you have all of the information on the topic then you can pick a specific part of the topic that you can do your term paper on.

How To Narrow Your Topic

  • Write down your topic and then start to ask yourself questions about the topic. You want to ask yourself who, what, and where of the topic. This will narrow down the topic to a specific element of your topic.
  • If that didn’t help to narrow your topic, then you are going to have to look at maybe a time period, specific study, and so on to narrow your topic. You want to do this because using a board topic will make your term paper confusing and hard to read.
  • You can also start to brainstorm ideas for the topic that you are going to cover. Start to write down different aspects of the topic you want to cover. This list will give you an idea of where you can go with the topic and can help narrow it down.
  • If you are completely stuck on where to go with your topic and how to narrow it down, then ask your professor or a friend to help you out. Ask them their opinion and see if they have any suggestions on your topic.
  • Narrowing your topic down for your term paper can take a long time if you have a very broad topic so you want to make sure that you start early so you have time to pick the perfect topic for your term paper.

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