7 Ways to Find a Checked Example of a Research Paper Proposal

Before writing a research proposal, students should read through example papers. Outside of academia, few students will ever have to use this writing style. Due to this, many students are woefully unprepared to write a proposal. Reading through some examples will help the student gain a better understanding of what will be expected in their writing. In addition, it will help them learn the type of citations, argument and sources that they will need. To get an example, students should use the following seven tips.

Ask an Academic Adviser

The academic adviser exists for a reason. It is their job to guide the student's research. If the student is not comfortable with asking their academic adviser for help, they can always visit their favorite professor during office hours.

The Tutoring Center

Most campuses have a tutoring center located on-site. These centers will generally offer each student a set number of free tutoring sessions each quarter. Students can stop by the center to get an example or arrange a meeting with an English tutor.

Ask a Classmate

Doctoral students already completed a proposal when they received their master's. If students can locate a doctoral student on campus, they can ask them for example papers. In addition to being proofread, these examples will have also already passed inspection with an academic committee.

Check Out the Writing Center

On larger campuses, a tutoring center and a writing center may be available to students. At the writing center, students will find writing-specific guidance. They can find example proposals, editors and writing manuals that will help to guide their work.

Look in the Library

Most campuses will include dissertations and proposals in their library. Since these are generally kept in a remote location, students should ask the librarian where they are located. At some campuses, past dissertations are stored digitally in an academic database. Both of these options are great places for students to get the help that they need.

Check Online

There are a number of free sites that offer example dissertations and research proposals. To find them, students just need to do a basic search. Students should be wary of any site that advertises as “free”, but requests credit card information. On these sites, the free examples may only be temporary or the essay options may be limited.

Hire a Writing Service

If students want a professionally written proposal, they can hire a writing company to create one. These companies only hire professional writers, so the finished document is perfectly proofread. In addition, students can use one of these companies to edit their finished dissertation. Ithey may not be free, but these services offer the best quality of writing.

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