7 Basic Things To Know About The Academic Research Paper Structure

One of the major tasks that you will be asked to do in school is to write a research paper. It is designed to have you look directly into a subject related to your course of study. The idea is to give you an in-depth look on the topic. There are seven basic things that you should know about how to structure your research paper.

  1. General to specific to general
  2. Your paper is move from general to specific to general again. The introduction and conclusion are general and the body of the paper is specific.

  3. Introduction
  4. There are three main parts of the introduction which are the problem presentation, the focus, and the summary. You will start off presenting your problem or research inquiry to your audience. Then you will turn your focus towards presenting the purpose of the paper, and end it with a summary of your position on the piece.

  5. Methods section
  6. This section will focus on the methods that you used to perform your research. This will include information on the various things that you have done to gather the information.

  7. Results section
  8. You will want to present the results of your research. This will include quantitative information that can be measured using different sets of data.

  9. Discussion section
  10. This section will work to explain the results to your audience. You will work to explain what results you have found and what the results mean. It will talk about what you learned from your study.

  11. Conclusion and recommendation section
  12. The conclusion with unify the results and discussion to help elaborate on the main point. It is the place where you can relate your research back to your main point. You should make sure that you answer your research inquiry.

  13. Reference list
  14. You will need to list your references next. It should include the resources that you used to write your paper.

One of the best ways to understand how this looks is to get an example. It will help you make sure that you structure your paper correctly and give you some great ideas on how to transition from one subject to the next which is very important. You will want to make sure that your paper flows and when you use transitions, it stops your paper from sounding choppy.

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