20 Unique Physical Geography Term Paper Topics Worth Writing On

Geography is an incredibly diverse area of academic study. It combines elements of geography, paleontology, biology, ecology, sociology, anthropology, and many other disciplines to engage in a systematic exploration of the lands, seas, and humans of Earth. Geography is generally divided into two subdisciplines: human geography or social geography, and physical geography.

Physical geography is the branch of geography that is concerned with the natural sciences. It studies patterns and processes in the atmosphere, oceans, biosphere, and geosphere. It deals more with natural processes than with human processes. If you’re taking a course in Geography or Physical Geography, you will probably be required to write at least one term paper. Your term paper should be well-researched and well-supported, drawing on credible sources like peer-reviewed academic journals and books written by experts in the field. There are many topics that you can consider within physical geography. This subject area encompasses geomorphology, the study of the shapes of the land on the earth’s surface; hydrology, which deals with the movement of water; glaciology, the study of ice sheets and glaciers; biogeography, the spatial distribution of life forms; meteorology and climatology; oceanography; and more.

Here are twenty interesting and unique physical geography term paper topics that you may want to consider writing about:

  • Family Farm Resistance to Genetically Modified Crops
  • Environmental impact of oil and gas industries in Sasketchawan
  • The influence of microclimate on ecological processes in badlands
  • Hazard mapping in landslide areas
  • Weathering, hydrological processes, and sediment transport processes in badland areas
  • The role of geographical information systems (GIS) in gathering and integrating geographical data
  • Changes in land cover and nitrate levels in the upper Mississippi Basin
  • The influence of agricultural practices and other factors on desertification in Haiti
  • The influence of snow cover on temperature variation in the Midwest
  • The impact of land use practices on soil properties in grassland and prairie regions
  • Using geographical information systems (GIS) to improve emergency response plans
  • Understory biodiversity in temperature forests
  • The formation of tornado supercells in the southeastern and central United States
  • The impact of urbanization on loss of arable farmland
  • Microclimates surrounding large urban areas
  • The impact of ethanol crop farming on deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest
  • The impact of climate change and global temperature increase on hurricane formation in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico
  • The influence of the Great American Interchange and formation of the Isthmus of Panama on North American and South American biodiversity
  • Processes causing and impacting erosion in coastal areas

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