Academic Writing Solutions: A Research Paper Layout In The APA Style

APA stands for American Psychological Association and is a referencing and in-text citing method while writing journal articles. It standardizes article writing. Social and behavioral scientists develop it to avoid plagiarism.

Academic writers use various sources to obtain information needed to write the content of their research papers. A research paper will never be officially published unless the information in the paper is cited. So for the purpose of consistency some standardized methods of citing have been developed, and one of them is called APA style. It allows you to cite all information whether they are obtained through websites or e-books or social media or other journal articles or newspapers or any other source.

Here are some of the correct ways of using APA style:

  • In-text citing for one author:
  • Surname of the author, year

    E.g.: The world is hot, flat and crowded. (Friedman, 2009)

  • In-text citing for multiple authors:
  • Surname of the author, surname of the author & surname of the author, 2011

    E.g.: The world is hot, flat and crowded. (Friedman, Jiwa & White, 2009)

  • Bibliography citing of an article in a journal
  • Surname of the author, First alphabet of the first name (year). Name of the article. Journal, Volume, page numbers. doi:xx.xxxx/xxx

    Jiwa, V. (2010). Airlines in the emerging markets. Harvard Business Review, 11, 215-231. doi:21.2010/a21440-234-2468-9

  • E-book citation
  • Surname of the author, First alphabet of the first name. (year). Title of the book. Retrieved from http:/……

    E.g.: Jiwa, V. (2010). Emerging markets. Retrieved from

  • Citing a book
  • Surname of the author, First alphabet of the first name. (year). Title of the book. Location: Publisher

    E.g.: Jiwa. V. (2010). Emerging markets. London: McGraw

  • Citing a TV interview
  • Surname of the interviewer, First alphabet of the interviewer. (year, month date). Title of the show. Name of the Program: Interviewer (Name). Retrieved from

    E.g.: Zakaria, F. (2010, March 2). Fareed Zakaria GPS. What’s here? Interviewer. Retrieved from

The above are just some of the ways used in the APA style referencing. There are a whole lot more that you need to know about the correct usage of APA style referencing such as how to cite when there are 2 authors, how to cite when the year is not given, how to cite just a chapter of a book and so on. But those are beyond the scope of this article, and it is highly recommended that you find out the correct ways of citations rather than not citing them all.

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