5 Places Where You Can Get a Good Outline Example for a Research Paper

Before writing a research paper, students will want to read through an outline. With an outline example, the student can quickly learn how to structure their argument and support a thesis. By building an outline, students can reduce the time it takes to write and edit their paper. Having an outline will also ensure that the student has developed a completely logical, interesting argument.

Talk to a Professor

Each professor is required to have office hours. During this time, students can visit their professor and ask questions about any topic that they need help with. Students that need free help with an outline should utilize their professor's office hours. The professor will be able to tell the student exactly what they want and offer help with the outline. In addition, students that go to office hours will be perceived as better students by the professor. This perception could actually result in a higher grade from the professor.

Check in the Library

There are hundreds of books in the library on writing. Before writing a research paper, students should spend time looking through the different writing manuals. They may be able to find an example outline or tips on speeding up the writing process.

Visit the University Website

At larger universities, the college website may contain outline, examples and guides. Since universities are designed to serve the student, these sites will allow students to get high-quality help for free. It may take a little bit to find the outline example, but the wait is worth it.

Perform a Basic Internet Search

There are many different example outlines online. Essay writing websites and custom writing services will often post outline examples for free. These examples are designed to get the student writing quickly about their topic. If the student needs extra help, they can always pay a custom writing service to develop their outline. These services also offer editing and proofreading options that every student can take advantage of.

Look at a Sample Essay

If the student wants a realistic outline, they can always try reading through an actual paper. From the essay, the student can write out the outline that the student used. They should copy down the thesis statement and the topic of each paragraph. In addition, the student should look at the ways that the writer developed their argument. They should consider the different pieces of supporting evidence and data that were used to make the thesis statement come to life.

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