Creating A Strong Conclusion For A Research Paper About Bullying

A conclusion is the last thing you will write in your paper. While your reader may be bored reading a long research paper on bullying, this is the opportunity awaken his mind. A conclusion should be captivating and resonating since it is what the reader will remember in the end. Here are ideas for making your conclusion strong.


A conclusion provides a summary of what has been discussed in the body. It aims at wrapping up all ideas presented and providing a solution. The summary should be in the form of very selective words. Make it brief without missing out on important points. Capture all the important ideas already discussed to make it comprehensive.

No New Information

The conclusion must never add new details to your research paper. It only concentrates on what has already been discussed. The danger of introducing new information is that you do not have the time or space to expound on it. Trying to expound on this information lengthens your paper unnecessarily. Use very precise words to summarize only the ideas presented in the body.

Provide a Stand

The conclusion is drawn from the body and should provide your opinion or stand on bullying. A research paper should not be open ended. The discussion must be closed with the closure taking the form of clear stand. The stand you take must be supported by the points you gave in the body. It will be incoherent and inconsistent to give one point of view in the body and a different one in the conclusion. Maintain consistency all the way to the conclusion.

Make it Memorable

The last part of your paper a writer interacts with is the conclusion. It should therefore be resounding and memorable. It must leave a lasting impression in the mind of the reader. A flat conclusion is easily forgotten. Use strong words to state a stand or position. You may use a rhetorical question for the reader to chew on.

Offer a Solution

The aim of this academic engagement is to make life better. Your research paper should therefore provide a solution to bulling. The solutions should be based on the discussion held in the body. Such a discussion must be coherent and realistic. Failure to offer a solution makes your work irrelevant to the discourse on bullying. The solution should also be drawn from the discussion in the body.

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