Quick And Simple Ways To Get A 3rd Grade Research Paper Example

By the time kids get to their third grade, they already understand how to choose a topic or come up with an idea for a story. They can also spell words correctly and punctuate in the right way. Using these skills, students in their 3rd grade can be able to write some simple paragraphs. However, you should make the right choice of a topic for a 3rd grader. First, you will need to consider what you want the child to learn from writing the essay. The most important thing is for the child to understand the concepts of the sentences. The child should be able to elaborate on ideas when adding to details so as to make the story to be more interesting.

When finding a research paper example for 3rd graders, you will need to consider the topic. One of the most important things is to think of a topic that children of this age will write with ease. Here are a few examples of areas where you can consider for a 3 rd grade research paper topic.

Science topics

Science is definitely one area that has a wide range of research paper topics for 3rd graders. This can range from the bigger content of animals, plants, weather, astronomy, ecology and human body. Some examples of topics that you can use in this category include hurricanes, five senses, solar system and endangered species. Other topics include how to save rain forests and health topics like exercise programs, obesity and nutrition. You can search online for examples of essays on these topics.

Social studies

There are many 3rd grade social studies topic that you can choose from. These can include studying cultures like those of the Mayans, Roman Empire. You can also choose a topic based on certain periods such as the Gold Rush, dark Ages, Dust Bowl and Great Depression. Another option is on military and wall events.Use your library resources to find examples on these essays for 3rd graders.


You can find a wide range of research paper topics under arts. Students can write paper on the work of individual artists like Picasso, Matisse, Da Vinci and Money. You can also ask your third graders to write on musicians such as Bob Marley or Michael Jackson.

Current events and controversies

You can ask the third graders to w rite on current events such as the war in Syria, deforestation, animal research laws and food safety. Other interesting subjects can include violent video games, home schooling, improving education and ban of junk foods and sodas.

While some of these topics may be a bit difficult for an 8 or 9-year old, there are chances that the kid already has an idea/opinion on the subject. You can get examples of these types of essays online or in your local library.

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