How To Create A Proper Research Paper Table Of Contents

Many students who have worked tirelessly to complete the research paper reached the point near the end where they have to format everything properly and this includes establishing the table of contents. But many students question, how do you properly create a table of contents?

If you are one of those many students who has reached the near and of your assignments and wants to know what the organizational formatting should look like, review the following tips.

The table of contents is exactly what the name implies in both the research paper and any other writing assignment you might face. It is a table which explains to the reader all of the contents of your assignment. This is a way for readers to look over the organization of your final piece and to also review different areas as they please. For example, if somebody is reading over your final piece and they want to go back and look over your results section a second time they can look to your table of contents and from there locate the exact page on which your results begin. In other cases they can cross reference by referring to the information provided in the table as well. If you are curious as to how to best organize this information the answer is quite simple:

*** Everything follows the exact order in which it appears in your final draft.***

  • This means that the exact way in which each section appears, the exact order used in the final paper is the exact way and order the table should follow. If your final piece contains an introduction, literature review, method section, results section, discussion section, and conclusion, then your table of contents should contain all of those features as well and in that exact order.

  • The chapter headings should be the only thing which appear in the table aligned on the left. On the right side should be the page on which that section begins. If you have certain subheadings or subsections which are of particular importance they can be included in your file table if you so choose. There are some technical tricks you can use to link the titles of each section to their corresponding title in the table so that when a user clicks on that section in the table it takes them directly to the section in your final piece

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