Composing An Excellent Research Paper About Vandalism

Vandalism is a great topic for a research paper, because it offers you the chance to explore so many new ideas. As you know, this type of paper can be pretty difficult, especially if the subject is not easy manageable. This is not the case, so you can enjoy the entire process. Besides, there is a lot of information available for you and you do not have to worry about weeks of making research at the library. To help you deal with your task, we prepared some useful tips:

  • Start with some general information. People have different opinions regarding this, but it’s important to allow them to know the background of this behavior. You can explain to them what vandalism actually is and how is it perceived by the society as well. Also, discuss a little bit about the people who tend to do this the most; is there a specific age category that is more likely to do this? Is it triggered by anything in particular?

  • Give positive examples. We all know that vandalism is a negative thing, but there were moments when it leads to a good outcome. For example, in many oppressed countries any act against the regime was considered as vandalism and punished like such. Writing a quote about freedom on the wall was something very serious and it could take you to jail. These moments are memorable and you can find them all in your history book. You can tell a story on how a simple act lead to freedom of speech.

  • What triggers it? To be able to control a phenomenon you need to know what triggers it. Of course, there are rebel teenagers everywhere that commit these acts, but it’s much more than that. This can be a sign of rebellion against the government, against the police abuse or simply a bad thing that people do. Either way, expose these reasons in your research paper.

  • Search for some real pictures. Do not use pictures from the internet when you can use your own. In almost any city you can find areas that are completely damaged by this behavior. Buildings that are full of graffiti are a good example, as well as parks where the benches and trees are damaged. Even more, you can discuss in your research paper on what can students do to correct these things.

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