Tip of the Day: How to Find a Reliable Research Paper Service

If you do a quick and simple keyword search for research paper writing services you are bound to come up with pages and pages worth of online companies promising similar quality papers for around the same price. This is makes it tremendously difficult to sift through your choices in order to select the most reliable company that will actually deliver on its promises without any hidden tricks up its sleeve. So what can you do to ensure you narrow down your options to only the most reliable? Here’s a really good tip: check independent customer reviews.

Why Independent Reviews Matter

Independent reviews are amongst the most trustworthy consumer reporting you will find online. By now you must be full aware that anyone can post positive comments about a service on their own site (and other sites as well), which is why you should never necessarily believe all you read online. Independent reviews, however, are mostly non-affiliated and posted by consumers from all over the world. Many tend to sit on either one of two sides: those who were satisfied with a company and want to spread the word to other potential customers and those who are unhappy with a company and want to spare others of the same bad experience.

What to Look for in a Customer Review

There are some very specific things to look out for in a customer review. First of all you want to look for a review that takes several things into consideration. A review that reads “Excellent service” doesn’t say as much as “Excellent customer support; Quick response and great end-product”. Furthermore you’d like to trust a review that goes into great detail. Some companies will have a simple one or two line review they pay to have placed on several review sites. Look for similarities in reviews for a hint that the reviews may be fakes.

Going a Step Further: Contacting Customer Support

This last step is really a second but closely related piece of advice. After you’ve settled on two or three potential companies to hire for your research paper project, you want to go the extra step and contact customer service. Ask them to verify services that were touted in the reviews and bring up any instances of bad reviews or uncertainty. A customer support representative that is able to offer a clear and confident response and explanation of a poor experience shows professionalism and trustworthiness while a response that is standoffish or completely denies a bad experience might come across as lying.

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