4 Note-Taking Methods You Can Use When Writing A Research Paper

Are you currently working on your next research paper? If you are a newcomer to academic writing or already somehow experienced, you will profit from the clues we shall explain below. You'd better note these guidelines in order to be more efficient in the creation process of your upcoming dissertation.

  1. Choose a strong topic which suits your experience
  2. This is the first step in the process; you should make an educated decision based on the possibilities of the subjects and your knowledge. It is always easier to work on a field in which you have already focused on in the past. Using your mastery is a good strategy overall. Moreover, you will be able to develop the content in a much deeper in familiar subjects.

  3. Write a appealing introduction and abstract section
  4. These are the most viewed sections of any paper; especially the abstract. Most readers will only read this short and concise summary in order to decide if the rest of the document is worth their time. So, make it worth! You will have to choose every word in the Abstract very carefully pondering what you want to say with the accuracy of the terms. Being concise is not enough provided that you will need to attract the audience as well and just in a few lines!

  5. Work on the sections and the content of the whole document
  6. Now that you have the topic and the basic outline done, you will proceed to add content to the document. To do so, you will have to sort out the information that you will include in the paper. In the research, you will come across plenty of data that is available on the Internet and the literature of the field. Thus, you ought to be choosy about the content you will be using in the document. In order to decide what to include – or what to exclude – you should consider the expectations and requirements by your advisor, the audience profile and the objectives for this paper.

  7. Make a solid conclusion
  8. The final section is also important because any reader that goes through the whole document will be expecting a great ending, right? This is the prize that they receive for their precious time once they have dedicated to reading your article. Therefore, you should condense all the knowledge you have gathered in this part of the dissertation. Remember that learning something valuable is always worth anyone's time.

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