Searching for Psychology Research Paper Topic Ideas

It's not just in psychology but it certainly does apply in this subject and the fact is that sometimes a student thinks finding the actual topic is more difficult than writing the actual essay. This is surprising really because the subject of psychology is vast. There are so many branches of psychology that a student is spoilt for choice. But, as always, it’s important that you settle on a topic which suits you, which you like or, better still, have a real passion for.

A research paper needs evidence that you've conducted research. Probably the best approach is to first check with your teacher or professor to see how specific the guidelines are in your choice of topic. It might be entirely up to you or it might be entirely up to you within certain parameters. Check out the rules and regulations first.

The places to find psychology research paper topics are mainly online. Of course there will be examples of psychology research papers in your school or college library and you would be crazy not to spend some time looking at these and particularly at examples where the teacher or professor has given them a really good score. Getting ideas and references from quality research papers is a great way to discover a topic which really works for you.

But by going online and using your search engine you can discover not so much a great range of psychology research paper topics but rather a great range of issues or subjects related to psychology within each subheading you will find many topics and of course you can always create your own. Here are some examples of subjects involved in psychology and possible research paper topics.

  • People in psychology. Choose a famous psychologist and write a research paper on their life and what they achieved in the world of psychology.
  • Issues in psychology. There are many issues you can discuss including those which are current and they could include the mental health of soldiers returning from a war zone.
  • Experiments in psychology. Again there is an abundance of topics from which to choose but you could concentrate on something which has been well published such as a study of inmates and their mental health in the prison system.
  • Widespread issues in psychology. There is any number of ways you could tackle the subject of depression in society today.

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