A List Of Unique History Topics For Your Research Paper

Picking a topic for a research assignment was always the hardest part of starting a paper for me. Although, researching and writing isn’t always fun they are a lot easier after you have discovered and decide upon what direction you want to head. I recommend starting by asking yourself these two questions.

What do I have to write?

It is imperative that you accomplish what has been assigned to you. If you have been given a range of time, 1600CE to 1800CE for example, then stick to that range. This range can also be very helpful when picking your topic. The more restrictions your assignment has the smaller your pool of possible topics will be. It’s a lot easier to pick an area of interest if the area you are picking from doesn’t include the entirety of human history.

Keep space in mind. What are the length requirements for your paper? If you are writing a four page paper, then you don’t want to pick a subject that is too large. Trying to fight World War II into four pages will not work. There is no way for you to talk about the entire war in such a short amount of space. An equally bad idea is to pick something to precise. Writing about what US officers ate for breakfast during their deployment is unlikely to afford you enough information to fill you required space. Not to mention, it may not be that easy to find that information.

What do I want to write?

Don’t try to impress your teacher with your topic. Your teacher is more interested in your ability to do the work then they will be in what topic you choose. Choose something that interests you. Choose something that you want to know more about. The more you want to learn what you are finding, the easier it will be to find and write about it. Going back to your assignment:

  • What, in the area designated by your assignment, interested you the most?
  • In the case that nothing really grabs your attention, what would you have liked to learn about?
  • What issues do you wish would have been covered in your reading?

No matter what you choose, as long as it fits your requirements, your instructor will allow it.


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  • Black Women in Sports
  • The Greensboro Sit-in
  • Freedom Rides
  • W. E. B. Du Bois

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