Top World History Term Paper Topics for College Students

History students who are struggling to find some of the best topics for their papers are very luck in the sense that there is so much that you can learn online today. When you pay attention you will realize that there are so many topics in world history that you can choose to write on. The world as it is has a lot of history behind it, from countries, conquests, famous people, inventors and so forth. Therefore it becomes harder for you to be in a position where you can hardly find a good topic.

The following are some topics that you can look into:

The major historical scene

In this category you are able to write on papers under different topics that highlight some of the challenges that individuals faced during this time. Common topics will cover:

  • The Twentieth Century European history and conquests
  • The Dark Ages
  • Dark tourism
  • The Bronze Age


All the countries in the world have a history about them, and the incredible thing about such is that the history is always being written with every new day that passes. You can dig up history on any country of choice, and write a good paper on it, from their indigenous people, to the industrialization in the countries, but one of the most common areas that most students choose to write on whenever they want to dwell on history of different countries is to choose their independence or the struggle for so.


There are a lot of great wars that were fought all over the world. All of these are useful topics that you can consider when you are looking for a research paper topic that will make it easier for you to score so many marks in the process.

Some of the most common was that you can write on include the Gulf War, the French Revolution, and you can also go as recently as the US conquests into Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember that when you are writing about wars, you have to highlight all/most of the major highlights such as the effect and impact of the war.

Innovations and inventions

You can never run out of historical inventions and innovative concepts that have graced the world as we know it. All of these are important in the sense that you will find it very easy to relate to some of them since their development has been in constant propulsion to date.

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