Creating An Introduction To A High School Research Paper

The introduction of any academic paper is an important section, and should be used to provide the reader with a better understanding of what to expect from the rest of the essay. Ultimately, if you are writing a high school research paper, you will want to introduce the topic that you are discussing, and any aims of the work.

For example, if you are writing in an argumentative style, then you will need to provide details of the point of view that you will be arguing for or against. Alternatively, if you are writing an informative paper, you may wish to simply highlight the topic that you will be discussing, and potentially provide a statement that will give the reader an understanding of what you will be informing them about.

In fact, there are many different styles of academic paper you can write and, therefore, you need to include the appropriate details so as to ensure that the reader has an idea of not only what you will be writing about, but how you will be writing about it. For example, a compare and contrast essay will be written in a very different style to a cause and effect essay.

How much detail to go into

It is worth noting that, when writing an introduction for a high school research paper, you will need to include an appropriate amount of detail. Essentially, you will want the reader to have enough knowledge and understanding of the topic you are discussing that they will not be lost when reading the rest of your work. However, you do not want to go into so much detail that you end up covering various points twice, as a result of having included them later on in your work as well. For example, if you are writing an argumentative paper, then you may wish to highlight the point of view that you will be arguing for; however, you do not necessarily need to make any further arguments, as you can save these for the body section.

Checking your introduction section

Of course, once you have written your introduction section then, as with any other sections of your paper, you should check that the spelling and grammar of what you have written is accurate. Another thing that you should check, once you have written the rest of the work, is that your introduction is still relevant to the rest of what you have written, as sometimes it is easy to change your focus during the writing stages.

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