Academic Writing Guides - The Research Paper

Research papers will often be required of students in both high school and college. There is a vast range of topics which can be covered by the writing of a research paper. But the one thing which is common throughout regardless of the subject in the curriculum is the procedure or steps to follow when writing a research paper. There are numerous academic writing guides giving basic advice on the approach you should take. The four fundamental steps are as follows.

  • Plan and prepare to write your research paper.
  • As the name implies, research is a vital part of a research paper.
  • Write your research paper according to your plan.
  • Use relevant references and know how to cite them.

It doesn't matter which subject in the curriculum is involved or even which topic you choose for your research paper, the best, in fact the only way to create the research paper confidently and correctly is to plan and prepare well before hand. Do not start to write unless and until you have done all the necessary preparation. This involves researching the topic to see if it is relevant and deep enough. This involves consulting with your teacher or professor to make sure the topic is the right one for you and that if there is a question to be answered that you are on the right track.

A research paper involves research. But there needs to be plenty of relevant material for you to conduct the research. If there is plenty of irrelevant or shallow research material then that won't help you write an excellent paper. Check on this situation before you launch into writing a research paper.

You must have an outline or plan on what you intend to include in your research paper. This involves the major points you plan to expand upon in your actual writing. Don't be in a hurry to start writing a research paper. Carry out proper research and then create a detailed outline a plan.

Once you come to the actual writing it will really pay dividends if you are able to quote reliable and relevant resources. You must know how to cite every reference you include, just as you must know the various ways required in the layout or format of your research paper. And of course do not forget the all-important proofreading once you have completed the writing.

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